[Xbox One] How To Play Save The World For FREE on Xbox One!


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This glitch has been around for a while now and thought I would share it with you guys. If you haven't heard of this glitch already, it involves you dropping your internet connection just as you try to purchase the Save The World edition of Fortnite. If you follow the tutorial below correctly, you will be able to play Fortnite: Save The World for free until you close the game.

Things to do before beginning:
- Make sure to have your Settings app opened and hovering over Network -> Network Settings.
- Make sure your console is connected via WiFi and not an Ethernet Cable.

Step 1:
Load up Fortnite as you would normally and select Save The World instead of Battle Royale.
Step 2: Click 'Learn More' and then the 'Fortnite Standard Founder Package'

(The following steps need to be very fast or you will fail)
Step 3:
Press 'X' to purchase the game.
Step 4: Instantly press your middle button after pressing 'X' and navigate to your settings app.
Step 5: Click 'Network Settings' and then click 'Go Offline'.
Step 6: As soon as you are able to, click 'Go Online'.
Step 7: Press 'B' until you go back to Fortnite where you will be greeted with an error message.

Step 8: Continue to click through the error messages until you see an 'Xbox Live Purchase Check' error message.
Step 9: If you didn't get a Purchase Check error, you failed to do the glitch properly, if you did, then you are good to go.
Step 10: Press 'A' to accept the Purchase Check error message and then it will bring you back to the 'Save The World' menu screen.
Step 11: Press 'B' to take you back to the main menu and then once again click on 'Save The World' and it will load you into the StW game.
Step 12: Enjoy being able to play Fortnite Save The World for completely FREE.