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RM 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal, Butterfly Effect
Inspired by the RM 027 series of tourbillon cheap luxury watches worn by Rafa Nadal on the tennis court, the RM 035 'baby Nadal' collection is designed to be the epitome of technology for anyone keen to perform. The new RM 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal, the fourth timepiece in the collection, fully deserves its place in this outstanding lineup, bringing with it a patented innovation, the butterfly rotor.

"We all strive for excellence in our respective fields. We speak the same language, Richard and I. We are both passionate about what we do. Keeping the flames of that passion alive for what we do every day is for me Crucial. Even though I didn't wear the RM 035 model in the race, it was heartening to feel the confidence he and the team showed in allowing me to take part in this unique adventure," shared Rafa Nadal.

After three full years of development, Richard Mille has grown from its chrysalis this new system for movement winding, which spreads its wings in the RM 35-03. While the RM 35-02's Calibre RMAL1 already had a variable geometry rotor - an iconic component of the Richard Mille automatic movement - the RM 35-03's new butterfly rotor allows the wearer to directly interact with the rotor's geometry, controlling the movement's upper Chain speed is based on lifestyle and activity level for fun and cheap watches

'Previously, any modification to the rotor geometry needed to be done by one of our licensed watchmakers. We wanted to perfect this system so that the wearer can directly influence the winding speed of the watch,” explains Salvador Arbona, Technical Director of Movements. “It’s like the driver can adjust the transmission from city use to the track by activating the sport mode. . "

The butterfly rotor consists of two grade 5 titanium arms with heavy metal counterweight segments mounted on them, activated by a separate gear train via a dedicated button. In their initial position, the counterweights create an outward radial displacement of the center of gravity, translating every movement of the wearer into the torque required to wind the barrel. However, at the push of a button at 7 o'clock, the rotor's gears unfold the two weights through a 180° angle. The center of gravity is aligned and the rotor returns to its equilibrium position, suspending the winding process and thus preventing the movement from overwinding.Richard Mille RM 67-02 Automatic Winding Extra Flat Alexis Pinturault

Toggling between modes - from normal mode, which winds the barrel spring, to "sport mode", which suspends rotor activity - the pressure on the button prompts the function to provide haptic feedback, allowing the wearer to actually feel the bounce of the weight section on their Separate on the wrist. The winding indicator at 6 o'clock on the dial shows whether the rotor is active (ON) or not (OFF). The rounded motion command is a function selector. By pressing the pusher at 2 o'clock, the user can switch between winding (W), neutral (N) and time setting (H) activities.

Elegant and ergonomic in its lines, the RM 35-03 is available in two versions – a blue Quartz TPT® with a white Quartz TPT® strap and a white Quartz TPT® and Carbon TPT® with a Carbon TPT® strap — —Display cutout inspired by RM 27-04 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal. The fully skeletonised movement, thanks to the sapphire crystal on the front and back, can be admired from both sides. The baseplate and bridges are made of grade 5 titanium with a grey plasma and PVD treatment, further accentuating the watch’s bold visuals. The skeletonized hands sweep along the outer edge, also in micro-blasted grade 5 titanium, embellished with the numerals 3, 6, 9 and 12, and sloped into the movement for added depth.

This elegant look visually highlights the technical prowess of the RM 35-03 automatic Rafael Nadal. With this new model and its stunning "butterfly rotor", the wearer can now truly experience the watch as an extension of the body.replica BREMONT KINGSMAN watches

Calibre CRMA7: Automatic skeleton winding movement with hours and minutes.
Dimensions: 38.70 x 47.52 x 7.80 mm.
main feature

Power reserve: about 50 hours (±10%).
Grade 5 titanium baseplate and bridges 5
Grade titanium with black DLC treatment gives the baseplate excellent rigidity and precise surface flatness, which is essential for the perfect operation of the gear train. The bridges are also made of grade 5 titanium with a grey DLC treatment. The components are satin-finished, micro-blasted and hand-chamfered.
Skeleton baseplates and bridges undergo individual and extensive verification testing to ensure optimum strength.
Free spring balance with variable inertia
This mechanism ensures greater reliability in the event of shocks and during movement assembly or disassembly, resulting in better timekeeping results over time. Thanks to 4 small adjustable weights located directly on the balance, the regulator index is eliminated and more accurate and repeatable adjustments are possible.
Carbon Fiber TPT® and Platinum
Rotor Relying on a rotor made of carbon fiber TPT® and platinum, combined with the OneWay® winding system with ceramic ball bearings, the barrel can be wound efficiently while maintaining an extra compact size. Flat openwork Audemars Piguet ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE

Rapidly spinning barrel (5 hours per revolution instead of 7.5 hours)
This barrel has the following advantages:
Periodic internal mainspring sticking is significantly reduced, resulting in improved performance;
An excellent mainspring delta curve is achieved with ideal power reserve/performance and regularity ratios.
gear tooth
The entire running gear train of the watch is the main power transmission for the entire movement, and its teeth have a special tooth profile. Developed for the CRMA7 movement, the wheels maintain a 20° pressure angle.
The system balances any differences that may arise between the centres of each wheel, such as during thermal changes and normal use, and facilitates an excellent transfer of torque to the balance wheel, supporting excellent timekeeping characteristics.
Grade 5 Titanium Spline Screws for Bridge Plates
This allows for better control of the torque applied to the screw during assembly. These screws are not affected by physical manipulation during assembly or disassembly and age well.
Other features

Movement Dimensions: 28.40 x 31.25
Thickness: 3.60mm
Jewelry: 25
Balance: cube, 4 arms, 4 set screws
Moment inertia 7.5 mg.cm2, lift angle 50°
Frequency: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
Hairspring: AK3
Shock Protection: INCABLOC 908.22.211.100 (transparent)
The front and rear baffles of the RM 67-02 are made of quartz TPT®. This material has a pronounced mosaic surface, consisting of layers of parallel filaments obtained by separating silica wires.
Quartz fibers are often used in very high performance applications due to their high temperature resistance, strength and transparency to electromagnetic waves.
The fibres are arranged in layers no thicker than 45 microns and saturated in three new resins developed exclusively for Richard Mille: green and yellow for the Wayde van Niekerk version and deep red for the Mutaz Essa Barshim version. The layers are then stacked using an automated positioning system that changes the fiber orientation between each layer by 45°. After being heated to 120°C and subjected to a pressure of 6 bar, they are processed on CNC machines in the Richard Mille manufacturing facility.
The strap is machined from Carbon TPT®, a material produced using the same process as Quartz TPT®, but with carbon threads.
The complete case construction is water-resistant to 30 meters thanks to two nitrile O-rings and assembled by 12 grade 5 titanium spline screws and 316L stainless steel washers.
Grade 5 Titanium Spline Screws for Case
This allows for better control of the torque applied to the screw during assembly. Therefore, these screws are not affected by physical manipulation during assembly or disassembly and can age well.
upper flange
Carbon; index points filled with approved luminescent material.
Grade 5 titanium, DLC treated and hand painted.
Thickness: 0.40mm
Bezel side: Sapphire (1,800 Vickers) with anti-glare treatment (2 sides).
Thickness: 1.00mm
Caseback: Sapphire, anti-glare treatment (2 sides)
Thickness: 1.00mm center, 1.75mm outer edge

Micro spray angle
Micro jet milling
Micro spray tank
Baseplate and bridges in grey and black plasma treatment
satin finish
Angle steel hand polished
Hand Polished Sink
polished part
Contour turning
Grind and Polished Ends
polished pivot
Cylinder polishing
Concave Chamfering with Diamond Tools
Diamond Polished Corner
round surface
Rhodium plating (before incision)