Latest Tips and Tricks for Shooting PUBG Mobile Team 2021


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PUBG Team Shooting Tips and Tricks:
1. Players should ensure they have practice and basic experience with all types of weapons. In the classic game scenario, the player could never use a pistol or a cross because he has a more powerful weapon.
2. Therefore, it is imperative to have a basic knowledge of how to use a variety of weapons as it is a fast paced game so players need to find a suitable shooting range to feel comfortable and have a competitive advantage to attack their opponents.
3. For example, when using a secret passage or hiding behind a ledge to get close to an area defended by 2 or more enemies, such as a platform, make sure the entire class comes together to provide cover for each other and avoid accidental attacks from opponents.
4. Not only can teammates look at your back and quickly cover your flanks, but working with your teammates can also eliminate the angle your enemy sees from behind cover. Try to hide under cover, observe the enemy’s body close by and shoot at a convenient angle.
5. However, remember to change the cover, because when the enemy dies on you, he will know where you are. If this sounds exciting to you, make sure you get the most out of it as soon as you start Team Play, as remember to only be here on weekends!