Get Industry Specialized Telephone Answering Service to Develop Communication with Customers


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Kolaxo CCS is taking the responsibility to handle customers with the help of our professional customer support agents. These agents identify the buying stage at which the customer is and deal them according to sure the sale is mature. Our exceptional services is enabling small businesses to enjoy more sales and customized services according to customer. We have multiple internet connections to ensure of one connection at any time gets slow or break down the other connection must support during that time. We have infinity as our main provider and Charter Spectrum along with AT&T as a backup connection. These connections ensure nonstop internet availability and highest speed to make sure smooth and uninterrupted communication with customers. Our call center agents are highly responsive. They receive every call within first three bells and after calmly listening to the customer’s demand they quickly take essentials steps to resolve customer’s pain points. This high response and quick action give an uplift to customer satisfaction and at the same time reduce the talk time. Handpicked agents having years of experience in customer handling provide our services. They offer high level of professionalism that impress the customers and they always refer to your customer services as the best in industry. You can outsource your customer service at a fraction of amount and more exceptional results.

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