2021 Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks – Advanced and Beginners Guide


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Try to Land in an Area of the Building, Only if Possible

Indoor buildings: All the equipment you need can be found here, so your best bet is to land in an area with houses, warehouses, or whatever.
If you fall in the middle of nowhere, you will have to go to an area with buildings and it is possible that an armed player is there and he will kill you.
Another important thing: In these first games, try to avoid the most crowded areas. If you see a lot of players landing in a certain area, wait and jump when you see that you can land in a quiet built-up area. This way you can collect equipment without anyone bothering you.

Weapon Should be Your First Priority

This is one of the Pubg Mobile secrets tips that everyone knows but only a few follow. Collect everything, yes, but remember that your priority is to get a weapon as soon as possible. Whenever you enter a building, collect all the equipment as soon as possible. Obviously, in case you meet another player the first time you switch, getting a weapon ASAP is your priority.
Then you will have time to see what else you have gathered and how each thing can help you.
If you can be quick with more than one weapon, the ideal is to see what type each one is and decide which one you feel most comfortable with, whether it is a rifle or a shotgun.
Each has its uses, but in a face-to-face encounter, you may feel uncomfortable with a shotgun, despite being the best option on paper.

Don’t Lose Sight of the Safe Zone

The action of ‘PUBG-Mobile’ is carried out in a safe area, delimited by a perimeter that is reduced over time, so in addition to the enemies, you must be aware of it at all times. If you stay outside the safe zone, you will die.
If at any point you find that the safety zone has been narrowed, then you are out and have something far away. find a nearby vehicle to move faster. It is the best option, but keep in mind that it will make noise and make it easier for other nearby players to see your position.

Look for Elevated Areas and Try Not to Cross the Map in an Open Field

When facing an enemy, the best man can win, but when you have the opportunity to shoot other players from a high position, do so. Any building or mountain area is worth it. As long as you are taller than your enemy, you have a tactical advantage.
Exactly for this reason One of the things you shouldn’t do is run around the map in the open air. They often see him and kill him by being fully exposed.

Play With Headphones, Especially When You are Away From Home.

In this type of gameplay, it is a very important aspect to consider and ‘PUBG-Mobile’ is no exception: audio. If you’re playing something like ‘Clash Royale’ on the train or subway, you don’t mind listening or not listening to the game, it won’t have much of an impact on how you play.
But in a game like ‘PUBG Mobile,’ it is important to take into account what is playing around you. This means that if you are attentive, you can hear the shots or the sound of the vehicles and get an idea of their origin, as well as listen to the footsteps of the enemies to know if they are close and make decisions about whether to participate in a confrontation or hide. without anyone noticing.
A pair of headphones is important because when you are not at home and there is noise around you, they will be fantastic so that you do not miss anything.