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    *Ali-A Theme plays*
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    feedback - profile pictures

    Maybe more of a question, I can't seem to upload a profile picture. Not sure if it's because I'm on mobile or if it's a special file format.
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    Suggestion - night mode

    I think we're all use to dark mode by now, as it stands I'm using sunglasses when I'm on here
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    What games are you playing ?

    I'm busy with a Minecraft phase right now.
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    Whats your favorite game?

    Gonna pull put the classic Skyrim here oh and Witcher 3
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    New member here

    Sup Dave, I hope you're still around
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    Heya Frank! You still around?
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    Hello Gamers

    Hello Gamers! I just stumbled upon this, what I think is a brand new website. I hope we get to be a community that grows and make friends along the way. About me, I'm just a gamer and tech junkie all the way from South Africa.