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    3 Basic Steps To Get Pro in PUBG Mobile

    There are three basic steps you need to do to get pro in PUBG Mobile: Make sure you have a good internet connection to play this game with low ping. Buy a mid-end or high-end device to play this game with a high FPS quality, and you won't get lag. Play claw to do action combo quickly. Try to...
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    2021 Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks – Advanced and Beginners Guide

    Try to Land in an Area of the Building, Only if Possible Indoor buildings: All the equipment you need can be found here, so your best bet is to land in an area with houses, warehouses, or whatever. If you fall in the middle of nowhere, you will have to go to an area with buildings and it is...
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    Latest Tips and Tricks for Shooting PUBG Mobile Team 2021

    PUBG Team Shooting Tips and Tricks: 1. Players should ensure they have practice and basic experience with all types of weapons. In the classic game scenario, the player could never use a pistol or a cross because he has a more powerful weapon. 2. Therefore, it is imperative to have a basic...
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    How to Become a Pro Fortnite Player

    Here are the ten tips for becoming a pro Fortnite player: Hire a coach Get the right gear Get better at learning Start training like an athlete Develop a personality and reputation Become a team player Attend local tournaments Face the facts Consider varsity esports Learn from Biofrost & Fatal1ty
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    10 Tips on How To Improve in Fortnite

    Choose the best Fortnite settings Know the best landing spots Collect materials early Know which building material is best when Use the best weapons Pick up the best healing items Pick up the best shield items Engage in combat only if victory is certain Use guns and structures to win fights Wait...
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    [Xbox One] How To Play Save The World For FREE on Xbox One!

    This glitch has been around for a while now and thought I would share it with you guys. If you haven't heard of this glitch already, it involves you dropping your internet connection just as you try to purchase the Save The World edition of Fortnite. If you follow the tutorial below correctly...
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    How long do you think Fortnite will keep its popularity and keep players engaged?

    How long do you think Fortnite will keep its popularity and keep players engaged?
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    Fortnite wonder skin method

    Is there a way to get the honor view 20 skin (wonder skin) without rooting the phone? what is the method everyone is using to get all these rare items?
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    [ALL] How To Leave Creative Mode Island in Fortnite

    1. Go to Creative Mode 2. Select Island 3 3. Respawn 3 Times 4. Go to Creative Hub 5. You should have the phone 6. Keep respawning until you in up on top of shield 7. Fly to the Main Land
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    New member here

    Hey guys I hope u r all good im new here